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City5 -  Youth & Children Work


Bumps, Babies & Toddlers (BBT) We meet in the Upper Room in St Martin, Coney Street every Thursday 9.30am - 11am 

Crafts and refreshments, play space and time for a chat. Follow the footsteps as you enter the church.

Sunday School There are Sunday Schools at St Olave (10.30am) and St Lawrence (10.00am).

Sunday School leaders tell the stories of the bible and engage the children with crafts and plenty of thoughts about the stoires. This hleps the young people to link the stories with our lives today. 



Watch for details about:-

Candlemass Lantern Making 

Candlemass Party 

Good Friday Workshop The theme of the Good Friday Workshop this year was ‘rooms’ which reflect each stage of the Easter Story:

  • Walking Paint across a Giant Cross to think of the road to the cross
  • Contemplative Prayer in the lady chapel led by Sharon & Christine
  • Leaf Prayers to remember the garden of Gethsemane
  • Sand play to think about the Wilderness 
  • Manicures and Foot spas to remind us of the foot washing
  • Hot Cross bun making to remember the last supper and its relevance to the cross

Over 30 children attended with some new and old faces mingled in with the regulars. Jane pulled the whole thing together with a brief talk and walk around the church to place our offerings at the font.